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"Shelly Liddick was referred to us by Coach David Ogrin of the DOGA Golf Academy about 3 months ago. David felt as if Shelly would be a good fit for our daughter Hope Wenzel (12). Shelly has gotten Hope to develop true fundamentals, tempo, and balance for both the long and short games I have not yet seen in previous instruction. Hope lacked before instruction from Shelly." - Father of Shelly's Junior Student

The Journey:
Coach Shelly Liddick's Biography.

Early Career

Coach Shelly Liddick played D1 college golf on a full scholarship at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. After a successful colligate career, she had several high finishes in National Amateur tournaments with a highlight of earning her way to the semi-finals of the Southern Amateur at Polo Fields Golf Club in Atlanta, GA. The following year she turned professional and played on the Futures Tour (now the Epson Tour) and the Central Florida Tour.

During her recovery from a major shoulder surgery, Coach Liddick assisted her college coach with her golf instruction clients and in a short time began teaching private lessons. As a new golf instructor, Coach Liddick also took over coaching duties at her alma mater, UAB. As she began a career in teaching and coaching golf, she had an insatiable desire to continue to learn. She headed out west to Arizona to a “teach the teachers” 5 day school led by Chuck Hogan. This is where Coach Liddick met her future husband. The 5 days in Arizona became the genesis of a life long and continuing curiosity into the study of human performance. How athletes develop, learn, process information, and what holds them back from performing their best.

Coach Liddick moved to Arizona and along with Chuck Hogan (her now husband), they opened the Golf Learning and Performance Center at The Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, AZ. They had a revolving door of
who’s who of PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationally Ranked Amateurs and hundreds of mini-tour players that all came to their facility for coaching in high-level performance, mental game strategies, and taking their games to next level. Coach Liddick and Chuck Hogan took their show on the road and conducted their golf schools in New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Australia and Canada – to name a few.

Coaching College

In 2010, Coach Liddick moved to Omaha, Nebraska and started the women’s golf program at Bellevue University. With her international network, she quickly assembled a high performing team and finished 3rd in NAIA National Tournament in just the 3 rd season. Coach Liddick led the team to 44 Team Tournament Titles, 41 Individual Tournament Titles, and had a 12 year career winning percentage of 77%, highlighted in the 2013-14 season with a winning percentage of 95%.

...And that brings us to today.

Coach Liddick is continuing to feed her curiosity about human performance and holds a certificate in Applied Sports Psychology, NLP (communications), and EFT (emotional thought therapy). She has graduated from Vision54 and Coach54 programs led by renowned golf instructors Lynn Mariott and Pia Nielsen. Her skills for leading golfers to their desired outcomes is highly touted and she has been recognized by the LPGA and was named LPGA National Coach of the Year two times.

Coach Liddick still plays at a national level in amateur events having qualified for the 2021 U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur, she played in two U.S. Senior Women’s Open qualifiers and in the August of 2022 she won the Nebraska Women’s Senior Amateur Championship for the 3rd year in a row.  She is now available for in-person consulting or online via zoom.

Personal: Coach Liddick has two magical children with Chuck Hogan: Taylor and Miakoda, and is the proud step mom of Mollie, Hannah and Micah, and Coach Liddick is the dog mommy of Javi.

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